Research & Development

Quality, Research & Development

The Pursuit of Innovation

We believe in the wisdom of Ayurveda, and pursue innovation to extend this wisdom through scientific research, and clinical validation. The highly experienced team of scientists are engaged in Research & Development in a fully equipped, in-house laboratory to support the industry with the best in nature.

Our commitment to ensuring safety and the highest standards in quality enable us to meet the expectations of our customer base.

We source our raw material from approved vendors conforming the quality specifications. Our Quality Control and Assurance Team performs in-process tests throughout the manufacturing process and releases a batch only once it conforms the product specifications.

Our team is experienced and proficient in delivering products backed by safety, scientific, pharmacological and toxic studies to support our customers and their applications.

Leaven’s laboratory is equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment like HPLC, UV-VIS Spectrometer, and GC to test active ingredients, quality parameters, heavy metals, solvent residue, moisture, microbiology, pesticides, and toxins.

We comply with all statutory requirements and food safety standards for maintaining our process’s safety, efficacy, and standard.