Sourcing the Best from Nature

One-Stop for Natural Solutions

Leaven Essentials explores the best of nature’s goodness. Numerous benefits hidden in the plants for mankind have been carefully sourced and packed by us in our 100% Natural Extracts, Curcumin, Oleoresins and Essential Oils. Leaven Essentials offer creative, cost-effective, and flexible services for food and nutraceutical manufacturers across the globe.

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Furnishing 100% Natural Ingredients

To answer the incessant search of global companies for 100% natural extracts, our plant extraction and innovation of natural ingredients helps us to meet the global demand by providing efficient solutions to health, food and beauty sector.

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Research & Innovation

Advanced research & clinical studies

State of the Art Manufacturing

GMP International standards

Quality Assurance

Batch to batch consistency

Application Support

Food & Pharma application development


Traceability and Sustainable sourcing

Customer focused agility

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