What is ROSLEV

Leaven’s rosemary extract-based antioxidants effectively extend shelf life across diverse applications, including pet food, meat, poultry, fats, oils, and snacks, by delaying oxidation. Our rosemary product provides a natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants such as Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT).

Our Range for Roslev Rosemary Extract

  • Carnosic Acid 1-20% Rosemary Extract Liquid and Powder Blends
    • Decolorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Deodorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Decolorized+ Deodorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Non- Decolorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Non- Deodorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Non- Decolorized+ Deodorized- Oil and water-soluble formats
    • Customised Plant Based Blends
  • Rosemainic Acid Liquid
  • Ursolic Acid Powder
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Features of ROSLEV Rosemary Extract:

  • Label-friendly products derived from Dried Rosemary Leaves.
  • Preventing oxidative rancidity and increases shelf life.
  • Enriched blends for effective stabilization and free radical absorption.
  • Ensuring longer-lasting freshness and taste by extending the color life and delaying flavor deterioration of products.
  • Non-GMO, vertically integrated and sustainable supply chain.
  • Inhibits the growth of gram-positive & negative bacteria, yeast, molds, and prevalent pathogens and salmonella.
  • Standardized to Carnosic acid which can be customized as per target application.
  • Concentrated for easy dispersion, ensuring consistent and reliable distribution.

Active Ingredient

  • Carnosic Acid
  • Carnosol
  • Rosemarinic Acid
  • Ursolic Acid


Meeting the growing demand for natural and plant-derived alternatives, we have expanded our rosemary extract portfolio to include products suitable for current trends. Our ROSLEV rosemary extract line, available in dry and liquid forms and various concentrations, supports the preferences of consumers across various sectors mentioned below.


Frying Oil & Fats
Meat & Seafood
Sauces, Marinades and Flavor blends
Seasonings and Condiments
Savory Snacks
Discover our range of ROSLEV Rosemary Extracts: Choose from our range of liquid and dry formulas, including blends with plant-based extracts, tailored to meet your product processing needs.
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