Who We Are

Leaven Essentials is a manufacturer and supplier of Spice Oleoresins, Essential oils and Botanical extracts catering to Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food Supplement, Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical companies. We are a vertically integrated research, manufacturing and marketing company concentrating on value added natural products, created with a sole purpose sole aim of “offering scientific and effective Natural solutions, suitably tailored to meet customer applications and needs”.

Where Are We

We are strategically located in the spice capital of the world, in KINFRA Mega Food Park, Palakkad, Kerala, India. The facility is equipped with International standard state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture the finest quality Natural Ingredients as per industry standards.

What Makes Us Special


Since the goodness of Nature is our inspiration, we ensure all sourcing is done with strict sustainability policy. Also, to ensure quality in the sourced raw material, we source directly from farms following Good Manufacturing Practices. All sourcing comes with 100% field level traceability.


Quality is at the heart of the entire process. While all released batches go through strict quality control systems, with our equipments like HPLC, Gas Chromatography, UV Spectrometer we ensure batch to batch consistency in quality parameters and yields.

Application Support

Our ambition is to strengthen the current reach of nutraceutical as Health supplement, Pharma and Personal Care, and evolve further to daily consumables like Fortified Food and Beverage. Hence formulation and application related support and recommendation is extended unfailingly to customers from their phase of ideation and concept generation till commercialisation.

Environment Friendly

We are constantly improving our technologies to reduce our consumption of water and energy and try to recycle agro-waste we produce to generate steam for the manufacturing of ingredients.


Our backbone of product design is strong scientific back-up and validation. To ensure safety, several products goes through rigorous toxicity studies. Additionally, several branded ingredients with claimable health benefits are designed for products with clinical study and publications.


We have an agile industrial set-up which allows us to not only develop customised products but also allows greater flexibility in terms of Minimum Order Quantity. The Route to Market of our company is also designed with customer centric approach where customers gets to decide whether they want to get supplies directly, or through our distributors.


Leaven Essentials believe in following the set of values in our operations at every level. We ensure transparency, sustainability, integrity, and quality throughout our working model and supply chain to serve our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly products while delivering our community, the sustainable solutions.


Creating healthier planet with goodness of Nature.


Leaven Essentials would strengthen and extend the benefits of natural nutraceuticals for industries like Pharma, Health supplements, Personal Care, Fortified Food and Beverages.