Basil Oleoresin
Black Pepper Oleoresin
Capsicum Oleoresin
Cardamom Oleoresin
Cassia Oleoresin
Celery Oleoresin


Cinnamon Oleoresin
Clove bud Oleoresin
Coriander Oleoresin
Cumin Oleoresin
Curry Leaf Oleoresin
Fennel Oleoresin
Fenugreek Oleoresin
Garlic Oleoresin
Ginger Oleoresin
Mace Oleoresin
Nutmeg Oleoresin
Onion Oleoresin
Paprika Oleoresin
Pimento Oleoresin
Rosemary Oleoresin
Thyme Oleoresin
Turmeric Oleoresin
White Pepper Oleoresin


Oleoresins are a mix of resins with essential oils. These are obtained by solvent extraction. Leaven Essentials develop these value-added spice extracts by standardization of the active ingredients that help preserve the true essence of the spices, preserving its flavor, color and taste in the extracts. Leaven has a wide range of oleoresins, which are available in both oil and water-soluble specifications.


Oleoresins are a useful product for both domestic and commercial use. These spice extracts are widely used in the following applications:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Confectionery
  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Care
  • Agriculture and Livestock