Manufacturing Process

Advanced Extraction Facility to capture wellness of Nature

Leaven Essentials has a state-of-the-art extraction facility that spans over 25,000 sqft, designed to capture the best of nature using advanced equipment. Our scientific approach, research, technical competence, and stringent quality checks throughout the production and delivery process help us maintain high-quality standards and innovate ingredients according to current trends and customer needs.

Additionally, we have an additional 100,000 sqft for expansion, ensuring that our equipment and facility meet both domestic and international standards. Experience the wellness of nature with Leaven Essentials advanced extraction facility.

Facility Details

  • Location: Situated across 3 scenic acres within Kinfra Mega Food Park, Palakkad, Kerala.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Our advanced 25,000 sqft extraction facility, designed for current needs and future expansions, boasts cutting-edge equipment.
  • Advanced Extraction Technology: Featuring 2 solvent extraction lines, 1 steam distillation unit, and RVD technology to ensure top-tier production standards.
  • Specialized Capabilities: Dedicated machinery for antioxidants, deodorization, and decolorization processes, guaranteeing unmatched quality.
  • Secure Solvent Handling: Fully licensed infrastructure for safe storage of Hexane, Acetone, Methanol, and Ethanol, ensuring compliance and safety.
  • Comprehensive Quality Control: Segregated areas for crushing, blending, drying, and packaging, meticulously maintained for superior product consistency.
  • Robust Utilities Infrastructure: Equipped with essential systems like ETP, Boiler, Chiller, Cooling Tower, and comprehensive safety features adhering to Kerala regulations. Includes backup utilities for uninterrupted operations.
  • Innovative R&D: Our in-house Research & Development and Analytical Laboratory feature state-of-the-art equipment such as HPLC, GC, and UV-SVI Spectrophotometer. These ensure rigorous testing for batch-to-batch consistency and superior product quality.

Warehouse, Packaging and Storage Facility

At Leaven Essentials, we understand the importance of proper storage and packaging to ensure the quality and freshness of our products. We maintain strict temperature and humidity controls to preserve the potency and integrity of each extract.

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Control team that closely monitors every step of the packaging process to ensure that our products are non-contaminated and meet the international standards and specifications of our clients.