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Discover the Leaven Essentials ROSLEV Rosemary Extract range, offering superior antioxidant properties. 🌿 Our rosemary extracts are available in both oil-soluble and water-soluble forms, with options that are highly deodorised and have greatly reduced bitterness which is perfect for our little loving friends 🐶 .

  • Label-Friendly & Natural: 🌿 Our products, derived from dried rosemary leaves, are clean label-friendly, ensuring your products stay natural and appealing.
  • Boost Shelf Life: 🕒 Prevent oxidative rancidity and increase shelf life with our enriched blends, offering effective stabilization and free radical absorption.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: 🌟 Ensure longer-lasting freshness and taste by extending color life and delaying flavor deterioration. #Freshness
  • Non-GMO & Sustainable: 🌱 Proud to offer a non-GMO, vertically integrated, and sustainable supply chain.
  • Pathogen Protection: 🛡️ Inhibits the growth of gram-positive & negative bacteria, yeast, molds, prevalent pathogens, and salmonella. #FoodSafety
  • Customizable: 🔬 Standardized to Carnosic acid and customizable for your target application. Available in both powder and liquid forms, our extracts are standardized to Carnosic or Rosmarinic acid, heat stable, and suitable for diverse applications in the Petfood, Food, Cosmetics, and Nutraceutical industries.
  • Consistent Quality: 💧 Our concentrated formula ensures easy dispersion, providing consistent and reliable distribution in your products.

🌟 Leaven Essentials rosemary extracts are a better and safer alternative to synthetic antioxidants. With excellent dispersibility independent of temperature, our products ensure consistent quality in every use.

Choose from our ROSLEV line of oil-soluble products, or custom-made blends combining rosemary oil and water-soluble extracts with various synergists.

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